I need help now

Have you clicked on this section because you feel afraid of someone who is close to you? If so, you have taken an important and positive step and we hope we can support you to keep safe.

If you feel you are in immediate danger please click here.

You are not alone in feeling something is not right with your relationship. Maybe there have been some warning signs. One in five women in Ireland is affected by domestic violence. We hear from women every day who are living in fear of their boyfriends, husbands and partners. Sometimes, they are experiencing abuse after the relationship has ended.

Who can I talk to?

We understand how hard it is to make sense of what is happening to you. It can be difficult to talk about your situation, even to your closest family and friends. You may feel lonely and isolated. Maybe you have been told by your partner that he will hurt you if you tell someone. Perhaps you have told someone and they have told you just to leave, run, to walk away. But we know it is not that easy.

Your partner does not have the right to control and dominate you. You should not have to worry about how he will react to what you do. Domestic violence is a crime and no one deserves to be feel afraid, controlled, threatened, beaten or feel in fear for their lives.

Maybe you feel that you are some how to blame for the abuse. Your partner, and other people, may have told you that it is your fault. But that is not true. Your partner is responsible for the abuse. And he alone can stop it.

Remember - you have the right to feel safe in your own home and feel safe and respected in your relationship.

How can Women's Aid help?

Women’s Aid knows how difficult it can be living with domestic violence. That is why we offer free, confidential support and information. We listen to you and talk to you about your situation. We won’t judge you or tell you what to do. We won’t tell anyone you’ve been in touch with us. We can discuss your options and help you plan your safety. We can support you by sitting down with you to you explore the various options available to you. We can also go to court with you.

You can rebuild your life after abuse, although right now it may feel impossible. It won’t happen overnight, but every day will be a little easier. Women’s Aid can support you along the way.

Read more about domestic violence and keeping safe or call us today to talk to one of our Helpline workers on 1800 341 900. The Helpline is open 24 hours a day, seven days a week.