Your rights & options

Domestic abuse, including coercive control, is a crime in Ireland. If you are being subjected to domestic abuse, you have a right to protection. Women’s Aid can help you understand your options and stay safe.

Domestic Violence Orders

If you are being subjected to abuse by a current or former partner, you can get legal protection through the courts.

Coercive control law

Coercive control is an ongoing pattern of controlling and threatening behaviour including all or some forms of domestic abuse by a partner or ex-partner.

Safety planning

Safety plans can help you to think about ways to increase your safety within a relationship, or plan the safest way to leave.

Help with housing

You have the right to live in safety and to feel secure in your own home. Women’s Aid can provide you with information and support on housing.

Help with money

Money can be a significant source of stress if you are experiencing domestic abuse. Women’s Aid can help.

Protecting children

Children can also be victims of domestic abuse, and this can include witnessing abuse. There are steps you can take to protect them.