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Domestic violence and abuse happens to many women. It can affect any woman at any age and from any background.  The person abusing you may be your current spouse or partner. Abuse can also continue after a relationship ends.  The person abusing you may be another member of your family.

There is no excuse for domestic violence and it is not your fault if it happens to you.

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You are not alone.  We can help. Please call us.

  • 1800 341 900
  • National Freephone Helpline 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

Face-to-Face Support Services

We have a range of different support services to meet your needs. Explore our services to see
how we can help you.

About our Support Services

Women’s Aid One-to-One Support Service

Our one-to-one support service is here to provide practical and emotional support. Our support workers are here to help. By appointment only.

Women’s Aid Court Drop-In Service

Free, drop-in information and support service at Dolphin House Family Law Court, Dublin 2.

Maternity Support

Our maternity outreach team offers support, information and advocacy to women who are receiving Maternity Care from a Dublin Maternity hospital.

Find Support Locally

Please browse our directory to find support services near where you live.

Your Rights & Options

Recognising that you are being abused is an important step. Where you go from here is up to you. You may feel you need time to think about your situation. Or perhaps you have already made up your mind to leave. Whatever you decide, your safety and that of your children is always the priority.

Helping someone else

Unless you are trying to help someone who has been very open about their experiences it may be difficult to acknowledge the problem directly. However, there are some basic steps that you can take to support to anyone you know who confides in you that they are experiencing domestic abuse.

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Support for young people

If you are worried about you own relationship or about a friend, you can find support at our dedicated website for young people

Support for men

If you, or someone you know, is at risk of abuse from a current or former intimate partner, help is there.

LGBTI+ support

Our inclusive frontline services are available to women, including transgender women, of any sexuality, non-binary people and gay and bisexual men suffering intimate partner abuse.

Information in Sign Language

Women’s Aid has produced a series of information videos in Irish Sign Language for women who are deaf or hard of hearing who are being subjected to domestic abuse.

Power to Change Programme

Women’s Aid is running a free 12 week support programme for women who are survivors of domestic abuse.

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