What is abuse?

If a partner or an ex makes you feel scared, controlled or intimidated, you may be experiencing domestic abuse.  There are many different forms of abuse.  It can be physical, and leave visible marks, or it can be emotional, and have impacts that can’t be seen by other people.  All types of abuse are damaging, and nobody deserves to be treated in that way.

Recognising domestic abuse is the first step.

Real Stories

Domestic abuse comes in many forms, but there can be a way out. Read the real stories of women who have been supported by Women’s Aid.


I had been with Mike since I was 24 years old, we have been married for 2 years years. Mike was always so gentle and kind to me when we were going out, he always remembered the little things I liked and would surprise me all the time…


My name is Nora. I am 72 years old.  Every time my husband walks into a room, I hold my breath. There’s a panic through my whole body. I sit frozen, waiting to see what he’ll do to me. ..


I met him shortly after I arrived in Ireland. He was handsome and so kind, romantic and attentive. I felt so special and protected. At that time, I had very little English, but we both worked hard and we made a home…