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As domestic violence and the cost-of-living spiral this Christmas, the clock is ticking for thousands of women and their children.

Please, will you give them the most amazing Christmas present ever? – A path to safety and freedom.

If peace and goodwill is the light of Christmas, domestic violence is the dark shadow that tries to extinguish it.

At Women’s Aid, we know that more women and children will be harmed, hurt, controlled and humiliated during the Christmas and New Year break than any other time of the year.

Will you act now to give a precious gift to support thousands of women in danger – and help them reach safety?

Every day, we speak with women in the most dangerous and sinister situations you could imagine.

From controlling money, to stalking and harassment, to turning the children against them, to the kind of abuse that leaves physical scars – it is unspeakably devastating.

But this Christmas, you can be a powerful force against this. Your help can show a brighter path forward.

Will you make an unforgettable gift right now? To lead someone out of fear.

Thanks to the generosity of people like you, every Christmas, we get the loveliest cards from women we’ve helped, telling us how wonderful Christmas is for them now that they’ve rebuilt their lives.

This is the life-changing support you can make possible. Every single thank you note we receive, begins with a donation from someone like you.