How to donate

This Christmas, can you help abused women find us? Christmas Graphic

How to donate

 Or call us on 01 678 8858 to make a payment over the phone.

With supporters like you at our back, we are able to help women and children when they need us. We are there to listen, to believe, to support.

Emotional, sexual, physical and financial abuse won’t stop for Christmas. Women will need to find us, but we need you to ensure they can. Your support means that we can promote our 24 Hour National Freephone Helpline so that women know how to contact us and what we can do to help.

The needs of women who contact us can be complex, and require intensive one-to-one support. Jessica contacted us after years of abuse from her partner. Abuse that nearly killed her. Because of the generosity of loyal friends like you, we were able to help Jessica and her children when they needed us. We were there to listen, to believe, to support.

Women like Jessica:

"It was merciless, I thought he was going to kill me…. My daughter’s third birthday was the following day, and I discharged myself from hospital to help her blow out her candles. I was readmitted on Christmas Eve for reconstructive surgery on my face.”

With your support, we can work with a woman from that very first call right through to dealing with abusive behaviour; to one-to-one support and safety planning for her and her children; to Court appearances and other legal issues. And because we also want to prevent abuse, with your support we can continue our campaign for young women which highlights dating abuse and controlling behaviour in relationships.

Without your support, there are many women across Ireland who we won’t be able to help this Christmas.

Your donation can help us answer calls from women like Jessica.

In fact, in 2016 we responded to more calls than ever before despite receiving no increase in Government funding. All because of donations from people like you. Thank you.

How to donate

Or call us on 01 678 8858 to make a payment over the phone.

We promise that with your donation, we can be here to listen, believe and support women.  

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