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Help a woman escape the daily
terror she faces behind closed doors.

Right now, because of Covid 19, women and children all over Ireland are trapped behind closed doors with their abusers.

We’re answering countless whispered calls for help from women hiding in bathrooms, garden sheds, in their cars, in the dead of night.

Please can you come to their rescue with a life-saving Christmas gift?

Since the new lockdown, calls to our helpline are continuing to increase. We urgently need your help to reach more women and children in danger. To help more people like Jenny:

 “Can you imagine. We’re trapped inside with him 24/7. I’m trying to mind our precious one year old girl. His threats and violence make me his slave. If he demands food, I drop everything and cook. If he demands the house be cleaned, I hoover. And if he wants sex now, I must obey and let him do as he wants.”

Jenny was trapped in a living nightmare. She had no escape. No support. She was totally alone and isolated. She was afraid he would kill them both.

Jenny saw an advert for Women’s Aid. She took the first step and called us. So, Jenny’s journey started that day – to safety, independence and freedom.

Right now, we’re helping thousands of women escape the hell they’re suffering. Women who have been beaten, raped, strangled anad burned by abusive partners. 

Please will you help by sending an urgent life-saving Christmas gift today?

Thank you so much.

Sarah Benson

CEO, Women's Aid