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Women's Aid Christmas Appeal 2019

Your gift of friendship today can change a woman’s future. Caroline’s story shows how…

Christmas is a time for friends and family, when we enjoy being together with our loved ones.

Imagine if you weren’t allowed to see them.

Imagine if you had to explain every minute of your day spent outside the house. If your phone bill was checked, and you had to account for every call. If you had to ask your partner for money to buy for food for your children.  If money for tampons was called an “extra”.

That was Caroline’s life, when she first called Women’s Aid.

Caroline got married eleven years ago. When she first met her husband, she had a full-time job and her own house. After seven years and two children together, her husband persuaded her that it made more sense for her to give up work.

“Anthony began giving me an allowance every week to cover household costs…. He began to itemise the shopping bills and accused me of running up heating bills. Sometimes I would not put on any heat until he came home, and me and the kids just put up with the cold. Literally every cent must be accounted for. I feel too embarrassed to allow friends or family to pay for me, so I put them off by saying I am too busy to meet up. Gradually they stopped asking, and I suppose I can’t blame them.”

All through Christmas, Women’s Aid will be there for Caroline – just as we will for every woman who needs us.  But that’s not enough: women will need our support every day next year, and into the future.

Please help us keep our vital services running each and every day next year...

Our services are stretched to breaking point, but your generous donation today will directly support our vital work through 2020. It will help us fund our 24 Hour National Freephone Helpline; provide vital one-to-one safety planning, support at court and with legal issues; continue our campaign highlighting dating abuse and controlling behaviour in relationships; provide training for Gardaí and health professionals; and fund our online lifeline,

Last year 19,089 contacts were made with our direct services, during which 16,994 disclosures of domestic violence against women and 3,728 disclosures of abuse against children were made.

When Caroline called our 24 Hour National Freephone Helpline, she found the support and sanctuary she needed.

“When I rang the Helpline I surprised myself: I really cannot quite believe how trapped I have become in the relationship. Having had my own independence means and a wide circle of friends, colleagues and family a few years ago, my world has shrunk to the four walls of the house with my two beautiful children my only company.”

Thank you for the loyalty you have shown to Women’s Aid; we appreciate your generosity so much. We continue to help and support Caroline into next year and for as long as she needs us. One in five women in Ireland experience domestic abuse. These women need us now, and into the future. By supporting our work in 2020, you are supporting their future.

Thank you for the gift of your friendship.

Or call us on 01 678 8858 to make a payment over the phone.

We promise that with your donation, we can be here to listen, believe and support women.

Thank you.