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Why Your Support Matters

Now is the moment we can act – together.

Across Ireland one in four women live with suffocating abuse from someone they once loved and trusted.  We rarely know it is happening. Or, if we do, we don’t know what to say, or do.

But Women’s Aid does.

And we need your help.

Domestic violence.  It lives in the shadows. It’s everywhere we turn.  It can happen to anyone.  By supporting Women’s Aid you can change lives.  And save lives.


“The worst abuse I suffered – and the turning point for me – came when I was 26 weeks pregnant. He went into a rage over what I cooked him for dinner. It was the most frightening night of my life.  I felt lost. Powerless. Trapped in hell. I had no one to turn to. I had no one in my corner – until I turned to Women’s Aid.  And because of their supporters, they were able to help me.  Their kindness has given me and my baby protection.  They’ve helped us survive. They’ve given us a future full of hope and possibilities.  I thank them from the bottom of my heart. And thank them on behalf of all the other women like me they will help in the future.”

Your support will help in so many ways

Thank you

Your support will bring hope, healing and the possibility of a brighter future for women and children.