Tax Efficient Giving

Did you know that if you donate €250 or more in any given year we could make your donation go up to 45% further?

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It is a shocking truth that one in four women in Ireland is subjected to domestic abuse in their lifetime. But with the right supports in place, a brighter and safer future is possible for women who have experienced horrors beyond their worst imaginings.

This is why your support for Women’s Aid is so vitally important. We appreciate it so much.

But did you know that you can increase the donations you have already made to Women’s Aid through Tax Efficient Giving?

You can grow your donation by 45%, and it won’t cost you a cent more. Once you have given €250 or more in any given year to Women’s Aid, your donations are tax eligible.

  • Whether you are PAYE or Self-Assessed, Women’s Aid can claim tax relief on your donation.
  • If your donations amount to €250 or more in a calendar year they could be worth an extra 45% to Women’s Aid.
  • By completing the CHY3 enduring form Women’s Aid can claim tax relief on your donations (totalling €250 or more in any year) for a 5 year period (if tax has been paid).
  • This at no extra cost to you.
  • The CHY3 enduring form does not commit you to pay anything – it simply enables tax relief if you donate €250+ in any of the 5 years.
  • It takes just a few minutes of your time to complete the form. It costs you nothing and will not affect your tax status.
  • Once signed, the enduring tax relief form lasts for 5 years.
  • This means that you only need to fill out the form once every 5 years.

Help your donation go further

Download the CHY3 form (PDF) here and complete and return to Sarah Benson, CEO, Women’s Aid, 5 Wilton Place, Dublin 2, D02 RR27.

For more information on Tax Efficient Giving visit

Thank you so much for making your donation go even further.