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Face-to-Face Fundraising

Face-to-Face fundraising is the practice of engaging with people in Ireland and inviting them to donate to a charity or cause on a monthly basis. Many of these new supporters will continue to stand with us for years, playing a vital role in our mission to create an Ireland with zero tolerance of domestic abuse and violence against women. 

Why are Women’s Aid using Face-to-Face fundraising?

Face-to-Face fundraising offers Women’s Aid a cost-effective way to raise funds. This ensures that we can provide vital support to people in communities throughout Ireland who are navigating their own journeys away from domestic abuse. 

By making regular contributions, you are helping our team of dedicated, caring, and empathetic professionals reach as many individuals affected by domestic abuse each year as possible. 

Our fundraisers work at private sites and on street, where they exclusively invite individuals to set up direct debit contributions. They never handle or accept cash from anyone. 

We collaborate with professional fundraising agencies to recruit and oversee our fundraisers, and our own team at Women’s Aid conducts regular training sessions with them. This ensures that all our fundraisers are deeply committed to our cause and are well-prepared to address any queries you might have. 

Our fundraisers and organisation rigorously adhere to current industry standards and guidelines, and we are regulated by the Fundraising Regulator. 

Lastly, SEPA Direct Debits are a convenient, secure, and safe way to contribute. They offer you control over the amount you’d like to donate, and you can adjust your donation or cancel it at any time by sending an email to 

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