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World’s Strongest Women

The ‘World’s Strongest Women’ campaign by Allianz and Women’s Aid highlights the resilience, strength and courage of women who are living through domestic abuse.

Paying tribute and inspiring others

Nothing will ever match the amazing courage and resilience of women living with domestic violence, and the journey they’ve been on.

With the Allianz and Women’s Aid awareness campaign “The World’s Strongest Women” we pay tribute to these courageous women and inspire others that there is a way out, giving them hope for the future by empowering them to ask for help.

At the heart of this campaign sits the powerful comparison between the world of physical strength that we are all familiar with, which is often portrayed as the only type of strength, versus the strength of the many women out there who are impacted by and living through domestic abuse.

It is also designed to start a conversation with everyone, as families, friends and colleagues must be encouraged to take the initiative to support victims of domestic abuse and to call out abusive behaviour. The story focuses on four women who showcase real strength in the face of domestic abuse.

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