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Capital Credit Union Awareness Campaign

In June 2022, Capital Credit Union partnered with Women’s Aid to address domestic abuse and build a greater understanding of its 5,000 members.


What does the partnership do?

The partnership included Capital Credit Union staff receiving specialised training to recognise the signs of abuse, how to respond in a supportive way and how to signpost their members to the Women’s Aid 24hr National Freephone Helpline.

There was also an awareness campaign in all the branches, on social media and among staff to direct victims to Women’s Aid in an accessible and discreet manner.

As a Credit Union, CCU are very aware of their role in the community. As an organisation their members can trust, and they want to recognise this by ensuring they get the support they need.

Training and Awareness

Services in local communities can play a crucial role in raising awareness among those who may need support, including staff and customers.  When someone discloses that they are experiencing abuse, it can be difficult to know what to do.  Quite often people are afraid to say the wrong thing.

The training and awareness initiative with CCU provides staff with increased understanding and helpful resources on recognising abuse and how to respond in a supportive way.  We know that with the right information credit union staff can make a difference in someone’s journey to safety.  We hope that women who are CCU members, who are experiencing abuse, will call the Women’s Aid 24hr National Freephone Helpline for information, support and referral to local domestic violence services, when needed.

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As the first Credit Union involved in such a scheme, they hope that the campaign inspires other organisations in the financial services sector to partner with charities like Women’s Aid.

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About the Capital Credit Union and Women’s Aid Partnership