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Too Into You Campaign

Women’s Aid runs the Too Into You campaign which is focused on young people, in particular young women, aged 18-25. The campaign aims to teach young people about the difference between healthy and unhealthy relationships, the red flags of relationship abuse, and provide support at our dedicated website for young people

When the person you’re going out with is into you it can be exciting, but if they are too into you this can be a red flag for relationship abuse.

At, young people can:

Our people

Mary Hayes

Hello!  I am Mary and I am the Project Leader for the Too Into You campaign.  I support and empower young people to learn and experience healthy and unhealthy relationships.  My background is in women’s health and mental health policy and advocacy. I have a particular interest in LGBTQ+ issues.

Too Into You Ambassadors

Young people from across Ireland help us spread the word about intimate relationship abuse and the #TooIntoYou campaign.


They become Ambassadors so those who need support feel less alone.


Find out more.

Get the facts

In Ireland, 1 in 5 young women and 1 in 11 young men aged 18-25 have been abused by their partner or ex.  Of the young women subjected to abuse:

Too Into You campaigns highlights

October 2023 Campaign

The Samuel Beckett Bridge and Convention Centre lit up to highlight the mental health impact of intimate relationship abuse on young women.

#TooIntoYou at Electric Picnic

In September 2023, we brought the #TooIntoYou campaign to Electric Picnic festival as part of Festival Republic’s initiatives to promote safer gigs and to help promote zero tolerance of sexual violence and harassment.

Too Into You at Longitude

In July 2023 we brought the Too Into You campaign to Longitude festival to raise awareness of the red flags of abuse.

Valentine’s Day Pop-up Shop

On Valentine’s Day 2023, we ran a pop-up #TooIntoYou Valentine’s Day experience. Watch the video here.

Launch of

We launched the new website with friends and supporters of the campaign.

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Too Into You media releases

Contact us

Please get in touch if you have a question about the Too Into You campaign.  Email Mary at