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Help us keep the door open for the women trapped behind theirs.

Today, one in five women experience domestic violence in Ireland. These women need us.

In recent weeks, we received the sudden and shocking news that Government funding to Women’s Aid will be cut by 20%. We expect this severe reduction to have a significant impact on our organisation.  Yet we know that women experiencing domestic violence will continue to need our help every day of the week. Which is why we need you.

Women’s Aid recently spoke to Lisa, Kate, Amy, Nina (names have been changed), four inspiring women who have very generously allowed me to share part of their stories of survival with you. They
hope that by doing so, you will better understand the journey they went through from abuse to safety and how Women’s Aid can help along the way.

Our National Freephone Helpline will receive 31 calls* today and every day from women just like Lisa, Kate, Amy and Nina.

We are asking for your help to continue to answer these calls. 

Every day women tell us about being hospitalised; about experiencing miscarriage, sexual violence, poverty and homelessness because of domestic violence. Women who are exhausted, traumatised, panicked and alone call us. Women who are in relationships as well as those experiencing continued abuse from ex-partners call us. Women who are worried about the impact of the abuse on their children call us.  Women who believe both they and their children’s lives are in danger call us.

Our dedicated staff and volunteers undergo intensive training to deal with calls from women all over the country to the Helpline.  We also provide in-depth one-to-one support for visits and Court accompaniments for the women who need it.

This week Women’s Aid is launching our latest report on domestic violence in Ireland. The figures are shocking. Last year in 13,655 contacts made with Women’s Aid, we heard 16,464 disclosures
of abuse against women and 5,786 disclosures of abuse against children. Each year, Women’s Aid helps thousands of women open a door to a new life. A life free from fear and abuse. Our National
Freephone Helpline is more than a voice on the phone for women, it is a lifeline. More than that, it is a life saver. The 20% cut in our funding will add significant pressure on our already over-stretched resources.

And that’s why we need you.

So many doors have already closed on women experiencing domestic abuse.

Please, please make a donation today, so that we can keep opening doors for Lisa, Kate, Amy, Nina - and all the other women who need us.

Thank you.

Women's Voices

“He crushed me between the door jamb and the door. That was the first time he had gotten violent. People have this bizarre stereotype that it happens in very rough areas, or they have to be alcoholics. But I am a young woman from a typical middle class background. It’s happening more than anyone realises, to women in all walks of life. It happened to me.” ~ Amy

“I used to keep talking to a lady from Women’s Aid, who never let go of me. You don’t have to have credit in your phone. You can call Women’s Aid and you can rest assured that you’ll get a woman on the other line who is willing to hear you.” ~ Nina

“He broke the door down in the bathroom one night when I was hiding inside. I had reached the stage where I felt like everything was lost. I remember thinking that I had a life policy that if I killed myself the mortgage would be cleared off and the kids would receive a lump sum and be better off. It just was torture and hell. I could see no way out. I can’t describe how horrible life was.” ~ Kate

“I got to the front door, he ran after me and pinned me against the wall and started choking. I couldn’t breathe. I couldn’t move.  During the night he put a card through the door saying, ‘I’m sorry, sorry, sorry, I’m so, so sorry. I will never do that again. I love you so much’. The mental abuse and the psychological abuse, I didn’t know how to identify it. I didn’t know what it was.” ~ Lisa

Click here to view our Women's Voices video to hear more of Lisa, Kate, Amy, Nina tell their story 

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