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A-Z of Fundraising Ideas

Looking or some inspiration? Here are some fundraising ideas to help get you on your way.


Abseil – Set the bar high with an abseil. Whether it’s off the side of your company building or the side of Croke Park you’re sure to get noticed.

Auction / Auction of promises – Do you have a well-stocked record collection you’re willing to let go of for a good cause? Or the contacts to get your hands on some sought after sports memorabilia? Then an auction could be the charity fundraising activity for you. You could even auction off your skill-set. Could an evening of waiting on your friends help you raise funds?


Bake sale – Bake your way to fundraising success. Whether you run the event at work, school or your home be sure to win people’s support through their tummies!

Bingo – Bring back the Bingo and raise funds for Women’s Aid.  A fun event that everyone can join in with.


Coffee mornings – Hosting a coffee morning is a great way to fundraise. You can do them at work and outside the workplace, for example, why not tie in with your local book club?

Cold Swim – Take a dip in the sea or a river.  Get out and brave a cold swim!  You can do this all year-round.  You can also participate in our special Cold Swim for Women on on 6th January, the day we celebrate women’s Christmas, Nollaig na mBan, and show support and solidarity for women escaping domestic violence.


Dancing with the Stars! – Get those dancing feet and sequins at the ready.  Host your very own “Dancing with the Stars” and see who from your organisation has the moves.

Dinner Party – An event that can be hosted all year round, on its own or in support of other events, a dinner party is a great way to get people together.

Dances – People love the opportunity for a night out and a dance! Organise a venue and a DJ, sell tickets and get the crowd going.


Easter Egg Hunt – The only constraint here is time – we find eggs are hard to find in December so make sure you leave enough time to get this organised.

Easter party – A great way to involve family and friends. There are lots of low-cost ways to raise money at an Easter party. From Easter egg hunts to Easter bunny races and chocolate eating contests – there’s something for everyone!


Face painting competition – Not got the time or resource to organise your own fête or street party? Then why not get involved in one which is already taking place and offer your services as a face painter? Most events will be happy to have you. No fêtes near you, no fear. Face-painting isn’t just for the kids, so why not ask your local nightspot if they’re hosting any themed nights that face painting would be appropriate for.

Fancy-dress days – Fancy dress isn’t just for Halloween. It’s a great way to raise money any time of year. If you’re the boss, why not have your staff come to work in fancy-dress and ask them to pay a small donation for the day? Why not let your colleagues cast votes on the costume you have to wear for the day? They can pay a fee to vote, which will go towards funding vital research (and of course embarrassing you).

Football match / 5-a-side football – Raise funds by charging a player fee and why not let spectators donate to take part in a penalty shootout at the end of the match?

Four Peaks of Ireland Challenge – For those who really want to push themselves, climb the four highest peaks in each of the four Provinces, in just four days. This is a tough challenge with good levels of fitness needed, but definitely one for the memory books.


GAA Events – Get your local club involved, host a charity match or challenge a company in your sector to a match, all for a good cause.

Games Night – Host a company games night and test that competitive spirit. It can be as simple as charades or if you have a screen and console to hand, why not go down the gaming route, charging friends to play?

Girls Night In –  It’s simple, invite your friends round and ask them to donate the amount they would usually spend on a night out towards continuing our vital work helping women and children.

Give it up! – If you have a habit you want to kick, now’s the time!  Why not do it while fundraising for Women’s Aid.  If your habit is costly, why not donate the money you save? Or if your habit causes more frustration to others than yourself, why not have people sponsor you?


International Women’s Day – Bring your company together for International Women’s Day.   Donate a day’s pay, host a coffee morning, celebrate the women in your business and help raise funds at the same time.

International evening / International Day – Whether you’ve travelled the world or just love a particular culture, an international theme is a great way to get people excited about raising money. Choose your country, or go ‘around the world’, and charge people an entry fee. Have a think about dress codes, food and music. Entertainment such as quizzes can be a great way to raise extra funds at the event.

It’s a Knockout – The ultimate school sports day for adults. Fun is a big incentive for people to get involved but you could also reach out to other local businesses and ask them to donate a prize. They’ll be helping a good cause and if your event gains press interest, they’ll also get exposure.


Job Swap – Ever fancied being the boss? Sponsor your colleagues to swap jobs for a few hours.


Karaoke night – Time to stretch the vocal cords and get ready for a night of karaoke. Love it or hate it, it’s a great way to raise money.


Last hour’s pay – Donate your last hour’s pay each month to help Women’s Aid help more women.  Ask your employer to match your donation.

Lunch – If your office has a habit of ordering food on a Friday, why not cook up your own treats and donate what you would have spent.

Leap Year  – Whether your fundraising activity takes 1 hour or the full 24, use your leap day to make a difference. Don’t forget, with an extra day in the working month, it’s a great chance to speak to employers about matched giving.


Marathon events – Before you skip and read onto the next idea, remember a marathon doesn’t have to mean running! In the past, our supporters have raised money with marathon DJ sets, roller skating, and nail art sessions. Just decide if you want an activity that will take you 26.2 miles or hours.

Matched Giving – Whether you’re raising money in the office or outside of work, ask your employer about matched giving. Lots of our fundraisers have doubled the amount raised by their employer so don’t be afraid to ask.

Music Night – Showcase the musical talent in your business, or invite local musicians to come together and perform in support of Women’s Aid.


Name the… / Guess how many… Name the teddy, bunny or bear; or guess how many sweets or cotton wool balls in the jar!  Whatever it is you choose, tap into people’s competitive nature with a simple guessing game. Charge per entry and provide a percentage of the money raised as a prize or try to get one donated.


Office Collection Day / Office Fundraising – Short of time but eager to make a difference? Then fundraising in the office could be the right activity for you. Charity fundraising activities for the office could include bake sales, an office Olympics, a dress-down day or perhaps take breakfast orders and set-up your own tea trolley.

Open Garden / Day – If your garden is in full bloom or you have a house with a colourful history, why not open your doors for an entry fee and host an open house. With the kitchen close by, it will be easy to raise extra funds by offering refreshments and a great way to meet the neighbours!

Obstacle course – Set-up the ultimate obstacle course to raise money for Women’s Aid. Maybe you could have a separate course for children and adults to make the day a family friendly affair.


Pamper Day – It’s likely your friends love a bit of pampering, so why not plan a day that offers the break people need.  Are you a trained beautician, masseuse or hairdresser? We need your skills. If pampering is more of a hobby, whilst we’d suggest staying away from offering haircuts, why not have your friends over for a night in? You could even make your own beauty products which will help keep guests entertained and your spending low.

Pancake race / Pancake Day / Shrove Tuesday – Shrove Tuesday or Pancake Day. We don’t mind what you call it as long as you flip for us.

Push for change push-ups challenge – Women’s Aid advocates for the rights of women affected by domestic violence.  We’re constantly pushing for change.  Show your support and take on a push-ups challenge in solidarity.


Quiz night – A table quiz is always a great way to get teams of people together.  Organise a theme for the quiz, design questions about the boss (keep it friendly!), you’re soon to find out what people’s specialist subjects are!  Charge an entry fee, host a raffle and auction, it’s a great way to boost your fundraising.


Raffle – A raffle is great to have at a charity fundraising event. Just charge a fee for tickets and the winner gets a prize. This could also work as a standalone fundraising activity. Just be aware of offering that unwanted Secret Santa gift you got last year as a prize: your friends may recognise it!

Running – Join our team of training heroes and fundraise by running! Take part in an organised event or set your own challenge.


Skydiving – Our supporters are brave. Despite the obvious fear factor, skydives are one of our most popular fundraising activities so join our dedicated fundraisers, get in touch and start organising your skydive today.

Squat – Improve your strength and fitness and challenge your team to a daily squat challenge.  Set a target and see who can go the distance while raising vital funds for Women’s Aid

St Patrick’s Day – Turn the office green and add a touch of purple for Women’s Aid.  Learn an Irish jig, host a raffle.

Stand Strong – #StandStrong and hold the Yoga Warrior Pose, a non-confrontational symbol of focus, confidence and courage, to show their support and solidarity with women subjected to domestic abuse in a strong but peaceful way.


Tea party – A good cup of tea can change your mood. We drink it when we’re sad, we drink it when we’re happy, so why not drink it today to help Women’s Aid.


Walk – Walking: it’s great for physical and mental health.  Take on a walking challenge for Women’s Aid.  This could be our 80km walking challenge across the month of February, or set your own walking challenge for you and your teammates to complete.


X-Factor Competition – Find the hidden performers in your business.  Is it Frank from Accounts who’s actually more of a Frank Sinatra, or Maria on Reception that’s really a hidden Mariah?! Host an X-Factor style talent show and reveal your workmate’s hidden talents!


Yogathon – Know your tree pose from your downward dog? Lots of fundraisers use skills they already have to successfully raise money. So if you’re a self-confessed Yogi, why not run a not-for-profit class? Your pupils will not only have invested in their own health, but also have the added satisfaction of knowing they’ve made a difference.


Zumba – Host Zumba sessions for your teammates.  It’s great fun, easy for lots of people to take part, and the class fee can be donated to your fundraising.

​Zip Wire – Adrenaline junkie or willing to face a fear? There are zip wires up and down the country.  Take on the challenge and ask friends to sponsor you.

Further questions? Get in touch

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