Our Impact

Each year, our Annual Impact Report gives us important insights into the lived experiences of the women we support, as well as the critical work that Women’s Aid conducts to help make Ireland a safer and fairer place to live. Our model of work ensures that we combine a range of innovative frontline responses to those in need with strategic advocacy, campaigning, research, and delivery of specialist training.

Domestic Abuse Disclosures to Women’s Aid were at a Record High in 2023


The Women’s Aid’s Annual Impact Report 2023 details 40,048 disclosures of domestic abuse against women and children, during 28,638 contacts with our national and regional support services last year.  This is a 18% increase in disclosures of domestic abuse compared to previous year and the highest ever received by the organisation in its 50-year history. The abuse of women included emotional abuse, physical violence, sexual abuse, and economic control, many combining to constitute coercive control, with an alarming increase in both physical violence (up 74%) and economic abuse (up 87%) compared to the previous year.

The Annual Impact Report 2023 also provides an in-depth overview of all of the work of the organisation to prevent and address the impacts of domestic abuse and create an equal Ireland with a zero tolerance of all forms of violence against women.

Download the Women’s Aid Annual Impact Report 2023

Download the Women’s Aid Annual Impact Report 2023 Activities and Impact Summary