Sexual Abuse

Sexual abuse is any kind of unwanted sexual comments or touching from a partner or ex. Rape is a form of sexual abuse. You do not have to have been physically touched to have experienced sexual abuse. 

Sexual abuse from a partner or ex can be hard to talk about. You might have agreed to have sexual contact with someone in the past but that does not mean they have a right to touch you whenever they please.

Sexual abuse is when your partner or ex-partner:

  • Pressures you into having sex or performing sexual acts
  • Makes you feel guilty or like you owe him sex through threats or force
  • Hurts you with objects during sex
  • Involves other people in sexual activities with you without your consent
  • Ignores you if you say you don’t want to have sex
  • Forces you to watch, re-enact or participate in the making of pornography
  • Shares, or threatens to share, intimate images of you without your consent