Physical abuse

Physical abuse is any abuse that leaves any part of your body hurt. It is a form of abuse that can be easier to recognise than other forms of abuse.

You might be hurt or injured from this kind of abuse in ways that others can or cannot see. It is very serious. Some women are killed by physical abuse. Physical abuse can get worse as time goes on.

Physical abuse is when your partner or ex-partner:

  • Beats you with their hands and/or with an object
  • Punches you
  • Strangles you
  • Pushes or shoves you
  • Cuts you with sharp weapons
  • Head-butts you or smashes your head off surfaces
  • Pulls your hair
  • Harms your children, family members and/or pets

Living with violence or with the threat of violence keeps women living in fear and can have long-term effects on your physical and mental health.