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Research Projects

Women’s Aid has currently commissioned a number of research studies.

Women’s Aid is researching Pornography in Ireland with particular attention to young people, which is due to be completed in 2024. This research will be undertaken by Sexual Exploitation research project (SERP) and supported by an advisory group convened by Women’s Aid. It will examine the scope, stakes, prevalence, and exposure/consumption of pornography in Ireland, especially by young people (but not exclusively).

The research will explore pornography’s impact on sexuality, intimacy and equality, as well as any connections to sexual violence and with practices such as “sexting” and image-based sexual abuse. The research will deliver clear recommendations for actions, including government strategies, to reduce any possible harm caused. This research is funded by Community Foundation Ireland.  Publication is due in 2024.

Women’s Aid is undertaking a research project which seeks to gain a deep understanding of intimate partner violence against disabled women in Ireland, with a view to changing society for the betterment of these women and for society overall.

The research project is the result of a funded collaboration between Women’s Aid, Disabled Gender Based Violence Taskforce and Trinity College Dublin, School of Social Work and Social Policy. An advisory panel convened by Women’s Aid will support it.

The research project will occur over a duration of 12 months and will be completed in 2024.

Women’s Aid is carrying out research to explore the experiences of victims/survivors of domestic violence and abuse, including children, in custody and access proceedings in the Irish Family Law system.

This research is an independent, evidence-based 360-degree examination of how effectively custody and access proceedings, both exclusively or in intersection with other proceedings, systems and factors, responds to the safety and well-being requirements of victims/survivors of domestic abuse, including children.

This research project is being undertaken by Trinity College Dublin, School of Social Work and Social Policy and is supported by a Research Advisory Group comprised of a range of key stakeholders from relevant disciplines. Publication is expected in early 2025.

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