Women’s Aid warmly welcomes the launch today of the Government’s new action plan on bullying

Thursday 1st December 2022: Women’s Aid, a leading national organisation that has been working to prevent and address the impact of intimate partner violence and abuse since 1974, today warmly welcomes the launch today of the Government’s new action plan on bullying.

Sarah Benson, Chief Executive of Women’s Aid, says:

“The new ‘Cineáltas: Action Plan on Bullying’ is a progressive and forward thinking strategy to tackle the scourge of bullying in our schools. Women’s Aid was honoured to take part on the steering committee to support the development of this new action plan.  The plan’s definition of bullying is excellent and it includes racist, disablist abuse as well as LGBT and identity based harassment and abuse. Crucially, the definition explicitly recognises sexist bullying for the first time, as well as sexual harassment.

This strategy fully recognises the gender inequality and sexist nature of our society which permeates our schools and strongly influences the attitudes, behaviours and power dynamics that make up common bullying experiences for some young people, especially girls.

Women’s Aid looks forward to working with the Department of Education and other stakeholders on the actions outlined in the plan. In particular on the development of the SPHE and RSE Curriculums that cover the issue of gender inequality, healthy relationships and consent as outlined in the Third National Strategy on Domestic, Sexual and Gender-Based Violence.”


For more information contact Christina Sherlock on 087 9192457 or by email to christina.sherlock@womensaid.ie

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