Jennifer Zamparelli Stands Strong for Victims of Domestic Abuse

Thursday 18th January 2024: Jennifer Zamparelli, comedian, radio, and TV presenter, is backing the Women’s Aid and Allianz Insurance call for people across Ireland to take part in a powerful demonstration of solidarity and support for those subjected to abuse in February 2024. Stand Strong is a yoga-based campaign which aims to raise awareness and essential funds for the thousands of women every year that contact Women’s Aid for support. It’s an action that requires no training or preparation. Just Stand Strong in the warrior yoga pose, donate or fundraise with colleagues, family, or friends, and share pictures on social media using the campaign hashtag #WAStandStrong.  The warrior pose symbolizes strength, resilience, and determination—qualities Women’s Aid want to emphasize in the face of domestic violence.

Jennifer Zamparelli explains why she is Standing Strong this February 1st:

“I am proud to be involved with this campaign. I feel incredibly lucky to feel very safe and secure in my lovely home. It is something that I never take for granted and something that I will always, always appreciate. Did you know that one in four women do not feel like that? One in four women in this country have been a victim of domestic violence. And that is frightening.

Often, we do not hear about it because there is an element of shame, but we need to show our support, we need to let women know, if they need it, there is help, there is support. They do not need to feel unsafe in the place that they live.

So, I am backing in the Stand Strong campaign with Women’s Aid in association with Allianz Insurance who are very kindly supporting this campaign. Every single penny raised for this will go straight to Women’s Aid, which is amazing.”

Speaking about her own experience of abuse by a former partner, Jennifer says:

“He was a very charming person. Always the fun guy. Great on a night out. There was this turn in him — and he always took it out on me. That was a major red flag that I completely ignored because I believed all the nonsense that came after it. A lot of people used to say to me: ‘Why didn’t you leave?’ The simple fact was because I loved him.”

Jennifer adds:

“By supporting Women’s Aid and the Stand Strong Campaign, I want to let people know that this can happen to anyone but there is hope. You can come out the other side and have a successful relationship and a successful life and it does not have to define you.” 

Speaking about Stand Strong CEO of Women’s Aid Sarah Benson commented:

‘’Showing solidarity with women, listening, and believing is a key part of our work, Stand Strong is a powerful but simple action to reflect that one in four women in this country lives with suffocating abuse from someone they once loved; someone they once trusted.  It could be anyone: your best friend; your sister; your colleague; your neighbour; your teammate; your mother; your daughter. Anyone. Last year women’s aid had our busiest year in our 50-year history. The Gardaí responded to over 54,000 to domestic abuse calls last year.  And we know these numbers are just the tip of the iceberg.”

Ms Benson continued:

“On 1st February we want the people of Ireland to stand with victims and survivors of domestic abuse. The Stand Strong campaign is designed with three simple actions – Stand Strong, Support and Share. The Warrior 2 pose can be done in a group, with a team or club or by yourself. In your office or at home. By having as many people as take part, we aim to drive greater awareness of the issue of domestic abuse. By sharing and supporting the campaign we raise awareness and vital funds. Someone contacts us every five minutes and everything raised from the campaign really will support women across Ireland.”

To thank those who show their support, Women’s Aid are offering some exclusive campaign goodies such as retro sweatbands and temporary tattoos to people that sign up early via and there is other campaign merchandise items on offer for top fundraisers. Due to the generous support of Allianz, all money raised will go directly to Women’s Aid supporting women subjected to domestic abuse.

How to Participate:

  • Sign Up: Visit to register and to access your campaign goodies.
  • Stand Strong: In the warrior two yoga pose. There will be a livestream you can access from February 1st, but you can take the pose any time in February and wherever you like.
  • Support: Contribute to the cause by donating or sharing your fundraising page.
  • Share: Take a picture of you standing strong in the warrior pose and share on social media using #WAStandStrong.



Media Contact: Christina Sherlock at on 087 9192457.

Notes to editors/producers:

  • About Stand Strong: Stand Strong is an initiative developed by Women’s Aid and Allianz Insurance which is committed to supporting women experiencing domestic violence in Ireland. Our mission is to raise awareness, foster solidarity, and provide resources to empower women facing these challenges. By standing together, we aim to create a movement of support and encouragement.
  • About Women’s Aid: Women’s Aid is a national organisation working to prevent and address the impact of domestic violence and abuse since 1974. We do this by advocating, influencing, training, and campaigning for effective responses to reduce the scale and impacts of domestic abuse on women and children and providing high quality, specialised, integrated, support services. We operate the 24hr National Freephone Helpline 1800 341 900 and National Instant Message Support Service on, mornings and evenings, 7 days a week. The Women’s Aid 24-hour National Freephone Helpline is a free, non-judgmental, and confidential service that offers support to women subjected to domestic abuse including coercive control. This includes emotional, physical, sexual, or economic abuse by a current or former partner. It offers support in over 200 languages and is a gateway to local independent domestic violence refuges and support services. Women’s Aid also provides a number of regional face-to-face support services.
  • About Allianz: Allianz Insurance has partnered with Women’s Aid since 2021 as part of their commitment to sustainability and desire to make a meaningful difference for society and the communities they serve. Allianz is the no.1 insurance brand globally, operating in more than seventy countries worldwide. They have been operating in Ireland for over one hundred years, with a team of over six hundred people that look after over 500,000 customers. For more information, visit   
  • Why the Warrior Pose? The warrior pose symbolizes strength, resilience, and determination—qualities we want to emphasize in the face of domestic violence. We encourage participants to share an image of themselves in Warrior 2 pose on social media using the hashtag #WAStandStrong.
  • Statistics and Information:
    • One in Four Women are subjected to domestic abuse in Ireland.
    • In 2022 Women’s Aid heard 28,578 disclosures of abuse against women and 5,412 disclosures of abuse against children.
  • Support is available: