A Yes/Yes Vote on 8th March will be a real step forward for gender equality and to bring Ireland into the 21st century, says Women’s Aid.

Thursday 29th February 2024: Women’s Aid, the national organisation working to stop domestic violence in Ireland, is calling for a Yes/Yes vote in the forthcoming referendums on family and care. Women’s Aid says:

“The Constitution expresses our values as a country and society. Voting Yes/Yes in these referendums is our chance to update the Constitution, bring it in line with the lives of families, women, and people today and give direction to the future of our country. 

By voting YES in the family referendum we will recognise the diversity of family life in Ireland where 43% of children are born outside of marriage and 85% of lone parents are women.  Domestic abuse is one of the most common reasons for women parenting alone. For far too long, these families suffered stigma, shame and faced very real discrimination.

By voting Yes, Ireland can have a Constitution that finally gives recognition to all these children and their families. This includes lone parents, cohabiting couples, or families where relatives look after children, and it includes families based on marriage.

Women’s Aid also supports a Yes in the care referendum. Violence against women is borne from inequality and for many women, home is not a safe place to be. By removing limiting and sexist language we can free women from the archaic vision of Articles 41.2.1 and 41.2.2. We can officially recognise that women can be active agents in their own lives, free to decide on the role they wish to play and fulfil their full potential in any sphere they so choose.

With a Yes vote, we can have a constitution that recognises the care that women have traditionally provided and recognise the family care of women and men today and in the future.

 A strong Yes/Yes vote sends a clear message to Government that the Irish people want to see change and this referendum should lead to practical and real supports for families and care.

These referendums are a first step towards real change– but it is vitally important that we take that step – to have a meaningful impact on the lives of women, men and families and everyone in society.

Women’s Aid has been working in Ireland to stop domestic abuse for 50 years. We have been here for thousands of women and will continue to be so until we have a truly equal Ireland with a zero tolerance of violence against women.”


For any clarification please contact Christina.Sherlock@womensaid.ie