Your legacy


The power of your legacy

Your legacy can help deliver zero tolerance for domestic violence and a safer future for generations of women in Ireland.

Once you have taken care of friends and family in your Will, a gift to Women’s Aid is a powerful personal act that will transform the future for our daughters and granddaughters. It will help us move sooner to an Ireland where domestic violence is no longer an epidemic of our present, but instead, a shameful past.

Your legacy can help us transform the future

WA_22_Legacy_576x576_4Imagine continuing to play your part after you are gone to build a new future where domestic violence has no place? Where the crime of domestic violence is so shameful, repulsive and grave, that it is the perpetrators, and not women, who live in fear.

Where the secret terror of abusive men is exposed sooner. Where women no longer have to suffer in silence. Where women feel safer reporting the abuse they’ve endured. Where quality services are available wherever and whenever women need them. And where perpetrators suffer appropriate criminal consequences for their abuse.

That’s what your legacy could make happen. That’s how you’ll be remembered.

Someone who loved deeply.

Someone who changed the world.

You really can help to end fear.

“Showing my love for my family. Expressing my wish to help those who come after me. That’s the simple legacy I wanted to leave. I’m delighted that my Will achieves that. I have peace of mind. I can live out the years of my life that are left now without worry and with peace of mind.” – Donor wishes to remain anonymous

Find out more today

WA_22_Legacy_576x576_1To find out more about leaving a powerful and inspiring gift in your will to Women’s Aid, you can request your legacy brochure today.

You can also get in touch to discuss it with Cora on 01 678 8858 or email