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Steps to Safety Appeal

Will you help a woman like Kasia every step of the way to safety and independence?

For years, Kasia was the target of an abuser – the man who was supposed to love and support her – her husband.

It was a vicious cycle. He would erupt in fury and violence over nothing. His dinner. The ironing. Sex. He would storm out. Then he’d return in a few days and ‘forgive her’ – as if she was the abuser. And the cycle would start again.

Over the years, he crossed every personal boundary I had. Mental, physical, sexual, social. He was jealous. He made me leave my job. He shamed me on social media. Stopped me studying. He stalked me. - Kasia*

The night he tried to strangle her was the night Kasia first phoned the Women’s Aid helpline. 

And through a journey of small steps, Women’s Aid helped Kasia and her children to walk to freedom and safety.

Please, give the most powerful help you can to rescue a woman like Kasia from the terror that remains hidden behind closed doors. There’s no time to lose.



* Please note that names, images and some details of Kasia’s experiences shared have been changed to protect her identity.