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Will you help a woman who – right now – is trapped at home with an abusive and controlling partner?


Contacts to all of our services have risen by 43%.

Leaving an abusive partner is not an easy or clear-cut decision. There are real difficulties and risks. And if you’ve children, it’s even more complicated.

That’s exactly why Women’s Aid is here for women at any stage of their journey – from a first whispered phone call, to finding peace and freedom again, and every fragile moment in between – no matter how long it takes.

You can help a woman in grave danger right now to access the vital supports she needs to break free from an abusive partner.

Will you help her to take that first step?

There’s no time to lose.

"Every time my husband walks into a room, I hold my breath. There’s a panic through my whole body. I sit frozen, waiting to see what he’ll do to me”. - Nora*

Please give a powerful gift today to protect our mothers, sisters, daughters, and friends.


* Name has been changed to ensure confidentiality.