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2018 In BriefCan you help women and children experiencing abuse?

How to donate

Or call us on 01 678 8858 to make a payment over the phone.

In 2018, we heard 20,722 disclosures of domestic violence against women and children. For them, there is no safety in numbers.

We have just published our 2018 Impact Report, Children Let Down By the System.  The statistics speak for themselves: 19,089 contacts with Women’s Aid Direct Services and 183,209 visits to Thousands of women who urgently require safety from abuse need our help, and we want to be sure they all get the advice, support and assistance they need. But our own numbers aren’t adding up: between lack of funding and cuts to existing funding, our resources are stretched to breaking point.

“A social worker in hospital advised me to contact Women’s Aid. I’d heard of Women’s Aid before, but I had the idea that it was only a helpline, a listening ear. Yet when I contacted them there was so much more to Women’s Aid that I hadn’t realised. Safety planning, court support, access to shelter… the extent of the services, the lengths they go to on your behalf, are incredible.” - Jessica.

With our support, Jessica left the man whose abuse had left her for dead outside her own home. She and her children are safe now. One in five women in Ireland experience domestic abuse. But, as Jessica discovered, leaving an abusive partner is difficult and complex, and it’s vital that supports are available every step of the way.

Our 24 Hour National Freephone Helpline is often the first point of contact in what becomes a comprehensive support situation that can include: safety planning with a woman and her children; support for court hearings, information on community welfare, housing and social work support; managing maintenance, and other domestic violence legal issues.

“We give women realistic options… With us, they know someone has their back. They have an ally. We’re not going to say ‘you can leave and do this, this and this and everything will be great’. We say: ‘we’re here, you’re strong, you can deal with this. We are your ally.”– Laura, Women’s Aid Support Worker

Every donation we receive makes a huge difference. Please help women and children working against the odds to become safe from domestic violence.

When you read Children Let Down By the System ( you’ll see just how big a difference your donation can make.

Thank you.

Or call us on 01 678 8858 to make a payment over the phone.

We promise that with your donation, we can be here to listen, believe and support women.

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