Corporate Support

Choose Women's Aid as your Charity of the Year

Does the company you work for nominate a Charity of the Year? If so, why not suggest Women's Aid. We would be happy to talk to you about our work and how you and your company can get involved.  

Make a corporate donation to Women's Aid

Women's Aid currently receives only a small percentage of our funding through corporate donations. Help us to build our corporate donation programme and continue to respond to over 41 calls each day on our vital 24hr National Freephone Helpline.

Women's Aid is an eligible charity under the 2001 Finance Act, allowing companies to claim a deduction for a donation as if it were a trading expense. The donation must take the form of a payment of one or more sums of money and the relief will be granted at your company's marginal rate of tax.

  • For example, Your company makes a donation of €5,000 to Women's Aid and receives a receipt. Your company can now claim a deduction for the donation as if it were a trading expense. Your company pays corporation tax at 20% so your corporation tax bill is reduced by €5,000 x 20% = €1,000. Your company gets the benefit of the tax relief in this case.

Your company might also consider donating the money that your company has saved through this tax relief, in addition to your original donation, providing an even bigger boost to services which support women experiencing domestic violence.

To qualify for the tax relief a donation must satisfy a number of conditions:

  • It must be in the form of money.
  • It must not be repayable.
  • It must not confer any benefit on the donor or any person connected with the donor.
  • It must not be conditional on, or associated with, any arrangement involving the acquisition of property by the charity or approved body.

For more information on how your company can support Women's Aid, contact us at 01 678 8858 or email