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Day 2: Men's Violence is Killing Women

Posted on November 26, 2017


On the 24th November 2017, Women’s Aid launched a new report ‘Femicide Watch 2017’. The Femicide Watch Report is the culmination of 21 years of the Women’s Aid Femicide Monitoring Project. Since 1996, Women’s Aid has, using newspaper records, charted and highlighted violent deaths where the victims are female in the Republic of Ireland.

Our femicide watch records that 216 women have died violently since the beginning of 1996. 16 children were killed alongside their mothers.

We published our Femicide Watch Report after 21 years to pause, and to remember and reflect, on the lives lost to male violence. Each woman murdered is an outrage. An absolute brutal loss of life. There is no greater violation of a woman’s human rights than the right to life itself.

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