Day Fifteen: Over 130 Irish organisations support the 16 Days of Action

Posted on December 09, 2014 at 10:10 AM

Day 15

On Tuesday 25th November 2014 Women’s Aid led a nationwide campaign in solidarity with the one in five women in Ireland who experience domestic abuse. The events marked the International Day Opposing Violence against Women and the start of the One in Five Women campaign. Over 130 organisations are taking part in Ireland to stand with abused women and children and in support of the all of the local organisations who work to support those affected by domestic abuse.

At the launch of the campaign, Women’s Aid highlighted the fact that one in every five women living in Ireland today experience abuse by their current or former boyfriends, husbands and partners.  Margaret Martin, Director of Women’s Aid said,

“Women are living in fear in every village, town and city in Ireland. All too often women feel too alone and isolated, unaware that help is available. Our nationwide Balloon Action is a visible and strong statement of solidarity which we hope will help women find their voice so they don’t have to suffer domestic abuse in silence. For most of us, home is a place of respect, love and safety. However, for many women, home means violence, fear and terror. The forms of domestic violence include emotional, physical, sexual and financial abuse. The effects of the abuse on women cannot be understated and should not be minimised or downplayed. Women are trapped with very few options to leave.”

This year over 130 groups in Ireland, women’s groups, student organisations, family resource centres, local development companies, partnerships, unions, women’s support services and others are taking part in the 16 Days of Action. This sends a strong message across our communities that domestic violence is not acceptable.

For each organisation taking part, the balloons signal a place or a group where women will be met with listening, support, and information. Women being told they are worthless and that nobody will believe them by their abuser, have heard that they are not alone, and that people in their communities understand and support them.

Visit our map of events to see what is happening around the country.

We have an excellent selection of images from the 16 Days Action 2014 around the country.  Click here to view the slideshow.

If you have taken part in a 16 days event that is not up on the map or you have an image to add to the 16 Days 2014 slideshow, you can send in information and pictures to



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