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Posted on December 05, 2014 at 10:08 AM

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Amanda Jenkins was 27 when she was murdered in October 2007.  She was found dead at her home in the St James’ Street area of Dublin on Sunday 7th October.  She had been strangled.  Amanda was originally from Co. Meath but had been living in the area with a local man for over a year.  She worked locally in the fruit and vegetable shop and was said to be a popular member of staff. 

Stephen Carney, her partner, was arrested and charged with her murder.  His trial for murder started in November 2008 in the Central Criminal Court.  On the first day of the trial it emerged that Amanda was murdered on Friday night but her body was not found until Sunday.  She had been beaten and strangled.  Mr Carney said he attacked her as she lay on the sofa and grabbed her by the throat and strangled her.  He phoned Gardai on the Sunday stating that he had killed his girlfriend with his hands and had tried to kill himself.  

Garda gave evidence that he had been seen drinking in a pub and going in and out of a betting shop where he lost €4,600 but won €7,400 that day.  Amanda was seen entering the apartment complex at 7.45pm on the Friday night.  On 8th November 2008 Carney was convicted of murder and sentenced to life imprisonment.  It emerged after the trial that Carney had a history of violence against Amanda and that he had previously served a prison sentence for a security van raid.  Amanda's mother of his controlling and abusive behaviour towards her daughter.

Amanda is one of the 78 women who have been killed by their partners of ex-partners in 1996. Women's Aid remembered these women in a moment's silence outside the Dail on Thursday, 20th November 2014.

R.I.P Amanda.

Remembering Stolen Lives

Reference: Women's Aid Female Homicide Media Watch, 1996-September 2014

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