Remembering stolen lives - Debbie, Trevor and Cillian

Posted on November 30, 2014 at 10:01 AM

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Debbie Fox was 30 years old when she and her sons were murdered by her husband in July 2001.  Debbie, who was originally from Dublin but who settled in Westmeath with her family after buying a local shop and petrol station, was described as a popular woman.  Her children were well settled into the local school.

On the morning of 28th July 2001 Debbie and her two sons, Trevor (9) and Cillian (7) were found brutally murdered in their home.  Gardaí who arrived on the scene described it as horrific.  Debbie was beaten and stabbed repeatedly in the kitchen of her home. 

After murdering his wife, Greg Fox proceeded to 9 year old Trevor’s bedroom and stabbed him 31 times, before going to Cillian’s room, who he then stabbed 16 times.  Both children had wounds to their hands – believed to have been caused as they tried to ward off the stabbing which killed them.  Greg Fox pleaded guilty and was convicted of the murders sentenced to three life sentences.  He admitted in his statement that he was possessive and controlling for the 11 years of their marriage. 

Debbie is one of the 78 women who have been killed by their partners of ex-partners in 1996. Women's Aid remembered these women in a moment's silence outside the Dail on Thursday, 20th November 2014. We also remembered Trevor and Cillian at the event.

R.I.P Debbie, Trevor and Cillian.

Remembering Stolen Lives

Reference: Women's Aid Female Homicide Media Watch, 1996-September 2014

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