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Posted on November 24, 2014 at 08:30 PM

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Women's Aid Annual One in Five Campaign to mark the 16 Days of Opposing Violence against Women Campaign begins tomorrow which is the International Day Opposing Violence against Women.

Women's Aid launched the 2014 campaign last week with a minute’s silence outside Dáil Éireann in memory of 78 women murdered by their partners or ex-partners since 1996. 10 children who were murdered alongside their mothers were also remembered. The event featured a sombre display of 78 pairs of women’s shoes and 10 pairs of children’s shoes outside Leinster House that acted as the starkest reminder of the dangerous and sometimes fatal nature of domestic abuse.

Speaking at the event, Margaret Martin, Director of Women’s Aid said: “Since 1996, 78 women have been murdered by a current or former intimate partner. Women’s Aid records show that this represents over half of all resolved female homicide cases (53%). With 1 in every 2 women murdered being killed by a current or former boyfriend, partner or husband it is imperative that we act now before more lives are stolen.”  

Women’s Aid stood outside Dáil Éireann to firmly say that the power to end domestic violence rests in the hands of the Government and our elected representatives. It must not be wasted. Lives depend on it.

Memoriam cards remembering the 78 women have been distributed to politicians, media, domestic and sexual violence services and other organisations nationwide.

130 nationwide actions to break the silence on domestic abuse on International Day Opposing Violence against Women.

The 16 Days of Action is an important opportunity to raise awareness of the prevalence of domestic violence in Ireland, as well as for connecting with local domestic violence services throughout the country and raising awareness of the services available to women. It is also an important opportunity to show solidarity with local services as we work to end violence against women.

In Ireland over 130 groups are taking part in the 16 Days of Action through the National Balloon Action or through other events like seminars, discussions, plays, art competitions, exhibitions, film screenings, postcard and poster campaigns, information stands and media campaigns. 

Women's Aid continue to highlight the prevalence of domestic violence, using Women’s Aid figure of one in five women affected.

One in Five Women Campaign Online

To find out more about the campaign, please visit the Women's Aid website, where there is a map of Ireland showing the different events taking place throughout the country. Women's Aid also have a 16 Days video which our supporters share on various social media platforms, as well as a list of Women’s Aid resources available to local services. We will post a blog every day, highlighting different areas of domestic violence, such as female homicide and highlighting the various areas of work of national and local services. There are also several guest blogs which we post through the 16 Days campaign.  Follow us on Facebook and Twitter for regular updates and use the hashtags #oneinfivewomen and #16days to join in the campaign.

Women’s Aid regularly post messages of support which we receive from people and groups such as the police force An Garda Síochána, the President of Ireland, and the Ombudsman for Children.

The Women's Aid One In Five Women Campaign is a key time to highlight the issue of domestic violence and promote the services available for women. It is also important to make the issue visible, to break the silence, and to give hope to women who are experiencing abuse, as well as holding perpetrators of abuse to account.

Women’s Aid believes that society must challenge men’s violence and abuse against women on every level.

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