Phone safety

If you suspect or know your phone usage is being monitored, there are a number of steps you may be able to take to cover your tracks.

Please note, the information below is for guidance only and may not completely protect your privacy.

  • Always remember to delete text messages you have sent or received - unless they are messages sent by an abuser. If you receive threatening or harassing text messages, do not reply to them and keep them as they are evidence. The Gardaí can have these messages downloaded and printed.
  • If your phone stores delivery reports for text messages that you send, make sure to delete these also.
  • When making calls please note that traditional landline phones are more private than mobile phones or cordless phones. However it may not be appropriate to use a landline if the abuser has access to itemised bills.
  • Always remember to check the call register on your mobile or cordless phone and delete any numbers that could raise suspicions.
  • We would recommend that you avoid adding the Women's Aid helpline to your phone in case it is discovered by an abuser. However, if you feel you need to store the number add the number as a friend's contact number. That way, if it does show up on your call history it comes up as a call to a friend.

Blocking Numbers


  • 'Block It'. It's a free service which helps to combat bullying on mobile phones. If you are an O2 customer you can block text, picture or video messages coming to you on your mobile phone. The service is easy to use and free of charge. All you do is just text Block It start to 50216 to get started. Read more here.


  • Call Meteor on 1747 tell them the number you want blocked and Meteor will go ahead and block that number. For more information go to


  • Vodafone has developed the 'Vodafone Safety Net' application for Android and some nokia phones. While this is primarily for parents and children tackling cyber bullying, it can also be used by anyone to block calls and texts from nuisance numbers. This is also available to customers with other mobile operaters. For more information and for a list of phones able to support the application, click here.
  • Generally, if your phone is unable to support the 'Vodafone Safety Net' application you can't block specific numbers on vodafone by calling them. However If you contact the gardai they contact vodafone through Vodafone's security department. Then they block the number. For a list of local Gardá stations click here.


  • You can block numbers from calling or texting your eMobile phone, by calling Customer Care on 1800 69 00 00.
  • The terms and conditions of this service can be viewed here.


Unfortunately, blocking numbers is not possible directly through the network.

However, many handsets sold by Postfone allow the user to block numbers. This is called a 'reject list' on Samsung models. These include:

  • Samsung Texto
  • Alcaltel
  • Samsung E1150
  • Samsung E1080

The customer service team can advise you on how to do this.

Customer care: 1850 789 789 (All calls cost 20c).

Tesco Mobile Ireland

  • Unfortunately, blocking numbers is not possible directly through the network.
  • Some handsets will give you the option to block certain numbers. This is called a 'reject list' on Samsung models.
  • You can find out what handsets have this option, or change your number by contacting Customer Care on 1749.