Women’s Aid launch Irish Sign Language Videos

28 Aug 2014

Women’s Aid, in conjunction with the Irish Deaf Women’s Group, have launched a series of Irish Sign Language (ISL) videos which feature all of the information that is available on our website and link to a text service for deaf or hard of hearing women.  In addition, we have launched wallet sized cards promoting our text Service for Deaf or hard of hearing women.

 Margaret Martin, Director of Women’s Aid, said,
“For deaf women experiencing domestic violence, it can be even more difficult to seek support or to leave an abusive relationship. At Women’s Aid, we are committed to seeking solutions to overcome additional barriers to a deaf woman's escape. The ISL videos are an important step in ensuring that deaf women have the same access to support as all women in situations of intimate partner violence.”

Margaret Martin continued,
“It is important that the deaf community are made aware of the Women's Aid text service, as well as the face to face support service that is available for deaf women experiencing domestic violence. All texts are treated in the strictest confidence and we will support you face to face by using an interpreter. The interpreter can be someone you feel comfortable with or Women's Aid can arrange an accredited professional interpreter.”

Margaret Martin concluded,
“The ISL videos are available on the Women’s Aid website from this morning. They are also available on the IrishDeaf.com website and on DeafHear.ie. These groups, and others such as the Irish Hard of Hearing Association, will be distributing cards with information about the Women’s Aid text support service.  The Irish Deaf Women’s Group played a crucial role in the development of this video and we would like to thank them for the help and support”

Notes to the Editor:

Women’s Aid is committed to providing an inclusive and accessible support service for women in Ireland in all their diversity. The Women's Aid National Freephone Helpline is accessible to women in 170 different languages. The telephone interpretation service allows women with limited or no English experiencing domestic violence to access free, confidential telephone support.

This project was done in conjunction with the Irish Deaf Women’s Group. The videos were produced by ISL On Screen.

The project was funded under the Disability stream of the Cosc grant scheme which is run by Cosc, in conjunction with the Disability Policy Division in the Department of Justice and Equality, to provide funding for national projects that will develop and deliver appropriate and targeted communication to raise awareness and increase recognition of domestic, sexual and gender-based violence among people with disabilities.

For more information, see the ISL section of the website.