Women's Aid supports the Choose Charity Shops 1st Campaign

21 Mar 2013

Choose Charity Shops 1st

Get the most out of your unwanted goods. Take them direct to your local charity shop.

Women's Aid supports the new 'Choose Charity Shops 1st' campaign run by the Irish Charity Shops Association to combat the impact of bogus collectors.

Bogus collectors are a menace. Whether they drop bogus leaflets looking for donations, steal donations intended for legitimate charities or steal from textile recycling banks, they are cleaning up at the expense of charities that support the most marginalised in society.

To beat the Bogus Collectors, Irish charity shops are asking the public to donate their unwanted clothes and household goods to their local charity shop. From Friday 15th of March, registered charity shops will be displaying Choose Charity Shops 1st signs in their shop windows. Please support these legitimate charity shops by dropping off your donations directly to a charity shop displaying these signs.

Women's Aid has two charity shops in Dublin. Click here for more information.

For further information on the Choose Charity Shops 1st campaign visit www.icsa.ie.