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  1. Media Release: Women's Aid Calls for Review of Domestic Killings. [Press Releases] - Issued 23 Nov 2018
  2. Media Release: Courts still turning away young women experiencing dating abuse leaving them at risk says Women’s Aid. [Press Releases] - Issued 19 Oct 2018
  3. Media Release: “With the right help we can all get to the finish line." – Survivor of abuse calls for support for Women's Aid. [Press Releases] - Issued 13 Sep 2018
  4. Media Release: “Women Must Feel Change Quickly” - Women’s Aid Welcomes New Domestic Violence Laws [Press Releases] - Issued 2 May 2018
  5. Media Release: 19,385 disclosures of abuse against women and children made to Women’s Aid in 2017. [Press Releases] - Issued 17 Apr 2018
  6. Media Release: Women’s Aid supports Together for Yes and the Proposal for safe and legal abortion up to 12 weeks. [Press Releases] - Issued 5 Apr 2018
  7. Media Release: Women’s Aid Statement on the Review of Homicides and Issues Raised by Lois West and Laura Galligan at the Joint Oireachtas Committee On Justice and Equality [Press Releases] - Issued 7 Mar 2018
  8. Media Release: Legal System is failing victims of marital rape - Women’s Aid. [Press Releases] - Issued 28 Feb 2018
  9. Media Release: The Darker Side of Love Highlighted this Valentine’s Day: Women’s Aid launch the #TooIntoYou National Public Awareness Campaign. [Press Releases] - Issued 14 Feb 2018
  10. Media Release: Women's Aid welcomes end of Legal Aid Payment for Domestic Abuse Cases. [Press Releases] - Issued 28 Dec 2017
  11. Hospitalisation, broken bones, silent treatment and verbal abuse – just some of the items on the list for women this Christmas. [Press Releases] - Issued 20 Dec 2017
  12. Men’s Violence is Killing Women - Femicide Watch 2017 Launched by Women’s Aid. [Press Releases] - Issued 24 Nov 2017
  13. Opening arrangements during Storm Ophelia [News] - Issued 15 Oct 2017
  14. Media Release: Legal Aid system neglects women and children affected by domestic violence. [Press Releases] - Issued 31 Jul 2017
  15. Media Release: Help us listen, believe and support women - Women’s Aid needs volunteers for the 24hr National Freephone Helpline. [Press Releases] - Issued 25 Jul 2017
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