Are you concerned about the representation of domestic violence in the media?

Domestic violence is often in the media whether it's in print, online or broadcast on radio and television.  It can also feature in some advertising campaigns.  We believe that the media has a vital role to play in communicating to and educating people about the reality of domestic violence and the effects of domestic violence on both women and children in Irish society. 

However, the complex nature of domestic violence means that quite often it is misrepresented, minimalised or sensationalised.  If you have a complaint about the representation of domestic violence in the media there are a number of regulatory bodies you can use to address your concerns.  

  • Broadcast Media

The Broadcasting Authority of Ireland

  • Print Media

The Press Ombudsman/ The Press Council of Ireland

  • Advertising

Advertising Standands Authority of Ireland

For more information on Women's Aid working with the media, click here.