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"...He once threatened me "You might leave me, but you won't leave with that face," and beat me pretty badly. This photo is from that night and now I'm the one burning the memory of it.” - Annmarie

Posted on December 07, 2017


“It was my Christmas party and he told me I wasn't allowed go to it. I had to go, I organised it and had promised everyone I would be there. He warned me I would be punished if I disobeyed him but I didn't want to let anyone down. I waited until he left the house, and then I went. I had a horrible nervous feeling all night but I tried to enjoy myself. When I came home, he was standing in the kitchen with this smug smile on his face. I knew he had done something but couldn't imagine what. My son called me upstairs and said 'Dad's after burning all your things.'

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