Message of Support from Clare Kambamettu, Rose of Tralee

Posted on November 28, 2010 at 08:04 AM


"I have spent the past few years working within the field of mental health and a number of the people I have met have been victims of domesticviolence. What I have learned is that domestic violence is not confined to any one group. It affects all races, classes, religions, cultures, it could be someone you know, a neighbour or a friend. I have also learned how there is great shame associated with being a victim of such a crime.

There arefeelings of 'its my fault' or 'I must be losing the plot' and fear that a situation is impossible to escape from. We as a society have become used to the notion of violence, its in our daily newpapers and on our tv screens yet I have encountered a huge number of people who don't want to hear about domestic vioence because they find it too upsetting to think about it. It is only by talking about this issue that we can raise awareness of it. It is only by talking about it that we make it OK for others to come forward to talk about it too.

Women's Aid are a beacon of hope to the thousands of women who come to them every year. The services they provide, from telephone counselling to court accompaniments are invaluable to the families they have helped. It is vital that we support and promote such a service in this time of economic decline. I for one, can say with certainty that without Womens Aid, its staff and volunteers, the world would be a much poorer place."


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