Welcome to the Women’s Aid 16 Days of Action Campaign

25th November to 10th December 2017

What is the 16 Days of Action?

The 16 Days Campaign Opposing Violence against Women is an important opportunity to raise awareness and call for changes at an international, national and local level to make women and children safe from abuse.

Women's Aid #ChangetheConversation Campaign

Change the ConversationThis year, Women’s Aid’s theme for the 16 Days is Change the Conversation. Our campaign will put the issue of femicide and domestic violence on the agenda, bring to light women and children's experience of domestic violence and highlight what needs to change to increase safety and protection from abuse.

The campaign will also challenge the victim blaming culture that surrounds domestic violence and bring women's voices to the fore of this campaign. Women experiencing domestic abuse still have to face deeply embedded myths in Irish society. During the 16 Days of Action we will build better awareness and understanding of the complex nature of domestic violence in our communities and online.

As part of this campaign Women’s Aid will provide infographics and other resources to support groups to take part. These resources will be made available free of charge from early November.

Take part. Change the Conversation.

Register your interest today by emailing 16days@womensaid.ie for more information.

National Moment of Remembrance for Women murdered in Ireland - 12.30pm Friday 24th November 2017

Purple ribbonAt 12:30pm on Friday 24th November 2017 Women’s Aid will lead a nationwide moment of remembrance and reflection for women and children murdered by domestic violence in Ireland. Join with us at this time in your local communities.

Wear a purple ribbon to remember lives lost to domestic violence and to stand in solidarity with women and children living with abuse.

Women’s Aid UN Day Opposing Violence against Women Annual Seminar 24th November 2017

Women's Aid will launch the Femicide Watch 2017 report and host a seminar to discuss the killing of women and their children in Ireland. The seminar will hear from leading international and Irish experts on Femicide and domestic violence, domestic homicide reviews and criminal law.

The seminar will take place at Wood Quay Venue, Dublin City Council Offices, Dublin 8 from 9:30am to 1:30pm on Friday 24th November.

This event is free of charge and more details can be found here.

Get in touch to register your event and request a pack
Email your details to 16days@womensaid.ie or phone 01-678 8858.

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