2in2u National Public Awareness Campaign


Know the difference between Safe and Sinister

The Women's Aid 2in2u National Public Awareness Campaign highlights the issue of violence and abuse against young women in dating relationships. The three week long campaign will start on Tuesday 9th February 2016. 

Online and poster 2in2u public awareness campaign

The 2in2u campaign is a three week long integrated online and poster advertising campaign targeting young women aged 18-25 years old.

The campaign is highlighted by an online advertising campaign targeting users of Facebook and Google.

We will also have a poster in female toilets in 25 colleges around Ireland in October and have developed an awareness pack with posters, bookmarks and pens which will be distributed to Student Health Centres and Students' Unions across the country.  The information will also be circulated to community centres, family resource centres and other public centres.

Campaign supported by Vogue Williams.

2IN2U-10The campaign is supported by Vogue Williams, Irish model, presenter and columnist. Speaking at the launch she said:

“The Women’s Aid 2in2u campaign is a vital one for young women being abused by their boyfriends, including emotional abuse. A young woman told me recently that ‘their voice becomes your voice’. That really got to me. Dating abuse is about control and stealing someone’s identity so they have nothing left to themselves. To anyone in a similar situation, you are not alone. Women’s Aid can help.”

If you would like to receive copies of the awareness posters and bookmarks to display locally, please contact Women's Aid on 01 678 8858 or email us at comms@womensaid.ie and we will send it to you free of charge, while stocks last.

About our 2in2u campaign

  • The Women's Aid 2in2u campaign highlights the way that a controlling boyfriend's attention can often be overwhelming at the early stages of a relationship, how what felt like positive attention and attentiveness at the beginning of a relationship can slowly turn into more negative, controlling attention as the relationship continues and it becomes more difficult for the woman to break up or to seek help.
  • The 2in2u campaign raises awareness of unhealthy behaviours in a relationship in the hope that young women, if informed, might get help before the relationship becomes more established, and it has become harder to leave or get support.
  • We hope that if a young woman is uncomfortable or worried about any aspect of her relationship with her boyfriend, and hears or sees one of our advertisements, she will contact the Women's Aid National Freephone Helpline (1800 341 900) or talk to someone she trusts.
  • Our experience and national and international research show that young women are at risk from violence and abuse from their boyfriends. In dating relationships violence and abuse are already a feature but are often not recognised as such by the young woman herself, or her friends.
  • The Women's Aid 2in2u campaign is specifically targeting younger women to try to prevent the next generation of domestic abuse.

How can I support the 2in2u campaign?

  • Share the 2in2u website online and with friends and family, and help spread the word about healthy and unhealthy relationship behaviours
  • Add the Women's Aid National Freephone Helpline number 1800 341 900 to your mobile contacts in case you or someone you know should ever need it.
  • Find out how you can support a friend or family member who is experiencing relationship abusehere.
  • Follow Women's Aid on Facebook and Twitter, and share information on 2in2u on your profile, or share this information with friends via email.
  • Sign up to our e-newsletter to stay informed and participate in further Women's Aid actions.

If you are affected by dating abuse or you are worried about someone, please visit www.2in2u.ie or call the Women's Aid Freephone Helpline 1800 341 900, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

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