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Domestic Violence Coalition Day 8: Florence’s Story

Posted on December 02, 2013

The Domestic Violence Coalition addresses additional barriers to seeking help and escaping domestic abuse faced by migrant women in Ireland. Each day of the 16 Days of Action, the Domestic Violence Coalition is sharing one woman's story, to illustrate the issues which we address.

The Coalition is made up of the following organisations: Womens Aid, Adapt Domestic Abuse Services, Doras Luimní, Nasc – the Irish Immigrant Support Centre, the Domestic Violence Advocacy Service Sligo, Akidwa, Longford Women’s Link, Sonas Housing, the Immigrant Council of Ireland and Ascend Domestic Abuse Service.

You can read Florence’s story below.

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60% of abuse starts before age 25

Posted on December 02, 2013


In a national survey on domestic violence in Ireland, almost 60% of people who were severely abused said that the abuse started when they were under 25 years old.

Women's Aid hears from young women when their relationship starts to feels unhealthy, often after something has happened that may have made women feel unsafe or uncomfortable. When it feels like he is just 'too into you'. We also hear from women who have been living with domestic violence for some time that the signs that their partners were possessive and controlling were there from the start. But to them and their family and friends, it appeared like they were just 'so into her'.

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