16 Facts Day 16: Domestic Violence & Homicide

Posted on December 10, 2011 at 09:45 AM

10th December: International Human Rights Day

The Facts

Since 1996 there have been 174 women murdered in the Republic of Ireland. 107 (61%) of these women were killed in their own homes.
[Women's Aid Female Homicide Media Watch, September 2011]

In the 131 cases where perpetrators have been noted, 68 women (52%) were killed by their partner or ex-partner. A further 47 women (36%) were killed by someone they knew (e.g. brother, son, neighbour). Thus, a total of 115 women (88%) were killed by someone they knew. In all of the resolved cases, 99% of perpetrators were male.
[Women's Aid Female Homicide Media Watch, September 2011]

40-70% of women who are murdered worldwide are killed by their current or former husband or boyfriend, frequently in the context of an ongoing abusive relationship.
[World Health Organisation (2002) World Report on Violence and Health]

In the UK between 2001 and 2002, 46% of female homicide victims compared with 5% of male homicide victims were killed by a current or former partner. Over 2 women a week were killed by a former or current partner during this period.
[Flood-Page et al (2003) Crime in England and Wales 2001/2002: Supplementary Volume, Home Office]

In 2007, 45% of female homicide victims in the US were murdered by a male partner or ex-partner, compared to 5% of men.
[Female Victims of Violence, Bureau Of Justice Statistics Selected Findings, September 2009, USDOJ]

One Woman's Story

Susan*, who was in her early 30s, was found dead in her home. She had received a number of blows with a heavy instrument to her head after she had asked her abusive husband to leave. She was the mother of two young children. During the trial the court heard that her husband had assaulted Susan in the past and was very controlling. In the run up to her murder, Susan had decided that she wanted to do something about the abuse and had consulted a solicitor about taking out a barringorder. Her husband received a life term for murder and her children are now in the care of her family.
* Names have been changed due to the sensitivenature of this case study.

Take Action: Hold a minute's silence

To close the 16 Days of Action, hold a minute's silence to remember the women in Ireland who have died violently at the hands of their partners.

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